Sentence Examples

  • Ance coil of some 2000 turns of insulated copper wire, enclosed in a laminated iron circuit, and connected at intervals to a number of terminals so that equal increments of inductance may be obtained.
  • The shunts usually employed with the drum relay (referred to above) have each a resistance of about 30 ohms and an inductance of 20, 30 and 40 henrys respectively.
  • By this arrangement of the coil winding, similar sections can be thrown in or out of circuit with both arms, and also so combined that any amount of inductance suitable to every class of cable may be obtained.
  • Over the coil of one turn is wound a secondary circuit of 5 or to turns, of which one end is connected to the earth through a variable inductance and the other end to an antenna or radiating wire A (see fig.
  • If L and N are the inductances of any two circuits which have a coefficient of mutual inductance M, then M/-/ (LN) is called the coefficient of coupling of the circuits and is generally expressed as a percentage.

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