Sentence Examples

  • Raining dials placed on the mountings where they can be read by the layers, and more accurate elevation indicators have made laying by quadrant elevation, and in certain cases giving direction by means of graduated arc and pointer, both accurate and rapid, so that once more this system of laying is coming into favour for long ranges.
  • Among the manufactures of Alliance are structural iron, steel castings, pressed sheet steel, gun carriages, boilers, travelling cranes, pipe organs, street-car indicators, sashes and doors, and account registers and other material for file and cabinet-bookkeeping.
  • Maybe if she'd paid more attention to the information coming in or been a better analyst … part of her knew there were no indicators she missed.
  • Of great importance is his introduction of vegetable juices (the so-called indicators, q.v.) to detect acids and bases.
  • 3 The colour changes shown by many substances which are used as indicators of acids or alkalis can be explained in a similar way.