Sentence Examples

  • Maybe if she'd paid more attention to the information coming in or been a better analyst … part of her knew there were no indicators she missed.
  • Of great importance is his introduction of vegetable juices (the so-called indicators, q.v.) to detect acids and bases.
  • 3 The colour changes shown by many substances which are used as indicators of acids or alkalis can be explained in a similar way.
  • Volumetric methods are used, but the uncertainty of the end of the reaction has led to the suggestion of special indicators, or of determining the amount of cuprous oxide gravimetrically.
  • The Kojiki is written in the archaic form: that is to say, the language is the language of old Japan, the script, although ideographic, is used phonetically only, and the case-indicators are represented by Chinese characters having the samesounds.

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