Sentence Examples

  • Macaulay's famous essay, though a classic, is very partial and inaccurate; and Burke's speech, on the impeachment of Warren Hastings, is magnificent rhetoric. The true historical view has been restored by Sir James Stephen's Story of Nuncomar (1885) and by Sir John Strachey's Hastings and Me Rohilla War (1892), and it is enforced in some detail in Sydney C. Grier's Letters of Warren Hastings to his Wife (1905), material for which existed in a mass of documents relating to Hastings, acquired by the British Museum.
  • 12; but both in a context relating to the history of the Temple), and (b) by the otherwise inaccurate statement that the Temple was finished according to the decree of " Cyrus, Darius and Artaxerxes king of Persia " (Ezra vi.
  • And 11., but is occasionally inaccurate as to details; the best authority on the early life of Charles I.
  • 20, has an inaccurate notice from Nearchus of the Indian honey-bearing reed, and various classical writers of the first century of our era notice the sweet sap of the Indian reed or even the granulated saltlike product which was imported from India, or from Arabia and Opone (these being entrepots of Indian trade), 1 under the name of saccharum or aaKxape (from Skr.
  • It is a dry and inaccurate compilation from various sources, unduly partial to the Goths (ed.

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