Sentence Examples

  • They are not among the hordes enumerated by Rameses II.
  • They issued from the land of Barsilia, and extended their rule over the Bulgarian hordes left masterless by the Turks, compelling the more stubborn to migrate to the Danube (641).
  • It suffered much during the 16th century from the hordes of Ottomans who then ravaged the country.
  • The first step making for security was to build a fleet strong enough to provide against the anarchical condition of those parts; but this implied a direct attack not only upon the Crimean khan, who was mainly responsible for the conduct of the Volgan hordes, but upon the khan's suzerain, the Turkish sultan.
  • In the dry season, however, it is obstructed by reefs, sandbanks, shallows, snags, trees and floating timber from the "Apostadero" up, so that even canoes find its ascent difficult, while savage hordes along its banks add to the dangers to be encountered.