Sentence Examples

  • Other genera of the family are parasitic on Hemiptera - bugs and frog-hoppers - but nothing is known as to the details of their life-history.
  • Comprising the primitive phyllopods, the minute copepods, the parasitic cirrhipedes and the powerful crabs and lobsters, and the highly elaborated sand-hoppers and slaters.
  • On its shores are tortoises, mud-turtles, crayfish and innumerable sand-hoppers; and at varying depths in the lake several species of Melania, Melanopsis, Neritina, Corbicula and Unio have been found.
  • The exact date of discovery is not known; but early records show it to have been preempted by a Dr Adams in 1812 for the manufacture of saltpetre, and his vats and hoppers are still to be seen.
  • The coal, previously elevated to hoppers, is dropped into the feeding chambers, which are so arranged that they can travel from end to end of the retorthouse and feed the coal into the retorts.

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