Sentence Examples

  • Is it banal to dress up as a 1965 hippie?
  • As far as their sound goes, the band developed from much more of a psychedelic sound that boded well for the 'hippie' revolution that was occurring across the water in the United States at the time of the band's start.
  • In the 1960s, with the growth of the hippie counter-culture and the associated "youth rebellion," the number of teen runaways increased dramatically, drawing attention to the risks these youths faced on the streets.
  • Apple: If you having a prominent tummy, or a stomach that is larger than your bustline or shoulders, it is challenging to find a hippie top that glides along problem areas without looking tent-like.
  • The Hippie Chic Two Piece Plus Size Skirtini, also from Shore Shapes, is a fine example of what a halter tank top and swim skirt can do to balance a figure that is wider on the top than the bottom.