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  • Though the Lancastrians ~ made much play with the watchword of loyalty to the crown, and though the Yorkists never forgot to speak of the need for strong and wise governance, and the welfare of the realm, y~ personal and family enmities had in many cases more effect in determining their action than a zeal for King Henrys rights or for the prosperity of England.
  • When he was twice placed in power, during the two protectorates which followed YorIc~ Henrys two long fits of insanity in 1454 and 1455-1456, he carefully avoided any oppression of his enemies, though he naturally took care to put his own friends in office.
  • But the duke of Clarence betrayed to his brother the army which he had gathered in King Henrys name, and Battle of many of the Lancastrians were slow to join the earl, Barnet.
  • Loyalty was such an uncertain thing that the king might call out great ]evies yet be forced to doubt whether they would fight for himat Stoke Field it seems that a large part of Henrys army misbehaved, much as that of Richard III.
  • It numbered among its leaders the good archbishop, Edmund of Abingdon, and Robert Grosseteste, the active and learned bishop of Lincoln; it was not infrequently aided by the kings brother Richard, earl of Cornwall, who did not share Henrys blind admiration for his foreign relatives.

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