Sentence Examples

  • Having been recalled and ordered to appoint a dictator, he gave another instance of his high-handedness by nominating a subordinate official, M.
  • The jobbing of land by the official clique, whose frequent intermarriages won for them the name of "The Family Compact," the undoubted grievance of the "Clergy Reserves" and the well-meaning high-handedness and social exclusiveness of military governors, who tried hard but unavailingly to stay the democratic wave, soon revived political discord, which found a voice in that born agitator, William Lyon Mackenzie.
  • Their perpetual meddling in politics, and even in speculation and finance, stank in the nostrils of every government in Europe; while their high-handedness and corporate greed in the matter of ecclesiastical privileges and patronage alienated the clergy.
  • There is some doubt on the point; but a contemporary and intimate friend, Luca Pacioli, speaks of his "ineffable left hand"; all the best of his drawings are shaded downward from left to right, which would be the readiest way for a left-handed man; and his habitual eccentric practice of writing from right to left is much more likely to have been due to natural left-handedness than to any desire of mystery or concealment.
  • Yet in spite of this savagery the Fijians have always been remarkable for their hospitality, open-handedness and courtesy.

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