Sentence Examples

  • In his pioneering work on child behavior, the American developmental psychologist Arnold Gesell claimed that infants as young as four weeks display signs of handedness and that right-handedness is clearly established by age one.
  • Broca suggested that people's handedness was the opposite of their language-specialized hemisphere, so that a person with left-hemisphere language specialization would be right-handed.
  • However, when an individual has two copies of the recessive form of the gene-one copy from the mother and one copy from the father-the gene does not determine handedness.
  • Others believe that ambidexterity-the equal use of both hands-is a third type of handedness, and some think that there are two types of ambidexterity.
  • If handedness is not apparent by the time a child enters school, the teacher must determine which hand the child should learn to write with.