Sentence Examples

  • I was trying to come up with an exit excuse when a gong sounded from above.
  • As it tolled its final gong, Edith Shipton appeared, in her late night attire— the Annie Quincy white dress—her hair loosened about her shoulders.
  • Popoff employed an electromagnetic tapper, in fact the mechanism of an electric bell with the gong removed, for this purpose.
  • One pleasant morning after a cold night, February 24th, 1850, having gone to Flint's Pond to spend the day, I noticed with surprise, that when I struck the ice with the head of my axe, it resounded like a gong for many rods around, or as if I had struck on a tight drum-head.
  • There was a gap between the "Intrepid" and the eastern bank; he steered into it, collided with the "Intrepid," rang the gong to signify the imminent blowing of the charges, went astern and then ahead.

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