Sentence Examples

  • Posteriorly we have the anus, in front of this the lobate gill-plume, between the two (hence corresponding in position to that of the Pectinibranchia) we have the aperture of the renal organ.
  • U, The otocyst attached to the Ctenidium (gill-plume).
  • The gill-plume,which in A plysia is the typicalMolluscan ctenidium, is seen in fig.
  • The gill-lamellae of Patella are processes of the mantle comparable with the plait-like folds often observed on the roof of the branchial chamber in other Gastropoda (e.g.
  • 4, d, the large branchial vein of Patella bringing blood from the gill-series to the heart is seen; where it crosses the series of lamellae there is a short interval devoid of lamellae.

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