Sentence Examples

  • - Portion;of the body-wall of Hydra, showing ectoderm cells above, separated by " structureless lamella " from three flagellate endoderm cells below.
  • 41, D); centrally is seen the spadix (sp.), bearing the generative cells (g), and external to these (1) a layer of ectoderm representing the epithelium of the manubrium; (2) the layer of sub-umbral ectoderm; (3) the endoderm-lamella (ed.); (4) the ex-umbral ectoderm (ex.); and (5) there may or may not be present also an ectotheca.
  • Form the radial canals (r.c.), ring-canal (c.c.), and endoderm-lamella (e.l., fig.
  • Apart from the weighty arguments which the development furnishes against the theories of Allman and Mechnikov, it may be pointed out that neither hypothesis gives a satisfactory explanation of a structure universally present in medusae of whatever class, namely the endoderm-lamella, discovered by the brothers O.
  • The Hertwigs when they discovered the endoderm-lamella showed on morphological grounds that polyp and medusa are independent types, each produced by modification in different directions of a more primitive type represented in development by the actinulastage.

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