Sentence Examples

  • By this permutation, Aleph, the first letter of the alphabet, becomes Lamed, the twelfth letter; Beth becomes Mem, and so on.
  • His son was smitten by Ares in battle; his daughter Laodameia was slain by Artemis; he himself, flung from his horse, lamed or blinded, became a wanderer over the face of the earth until his death (Pindar, Isthmia, vi.
  • Economic distress increased the number of highway robberies, these in turn lamed commercial intercourse.
  • NI.PoPr, in order to secure VOlundr's services, lamed him by cutting the sinews of his knees, and then established him in a smithy on a neighbouring island.
  • Sallna Lamed_ S T A F F 0 Dj ? ?

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