Sentence Examples

  • The gestation period for a horse is eleven months, so this can't be Ed's foal.
  • Exact information in regard to the period of gestation of the female is still lacking, the length of the period being given from eighteen to twenty-two months by different authorities.
  • *The sperm whale, as with all other species of the Leviathan, but unlike most other fish, breeds indifferently at all seasons; after a gestation which may probably be set down at nine months, producing but one at a time; though in some few known instances giving birth to an Esau and Jacob:--a contingency provided for in suckling by two teats, curiously situated, one on each side of the anus; but the breasts themselves extend upwards from that.
  • Choline supplementation during gestation in rats leads to augmentation of spatial memory in adulthood.
  • Surgery was required in 45% of lesions showing late gestation ' resolution '.

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