Sentence Examples

  • He couldn't tell the time in the windowless room, but he gauged it to be after midnight.
  • He gauged the watcher to be a good distance away, close enough to see their movement and numbers but far enough not to see their armament.
  • How severely strict medieval abstinence was may be gauged from the fact that armies and garrisons were sometimes, in default of dispensations, as in the case of the siege of Orleans in 1429, reduced to starvation for want of Lenten food, though in full possession of meat and other supplies.
  • Nelson's crowning triumph rendered impossible for the present all other means of attack on those elusive foes; and Napoleon's sense of the importance of that battle may be gauged, not by his public utterances on the subject, but by his persistence in forcing Prussia to close Hanover and the whole coastline of north-west Germany against British goods.
  • Medical science has never gauged, perhaps never enough set itself to gauge the intimate connexion between moral fault and disease.

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