Sentence Examples

  • Hurry off and tell Maksim, the gardener, to set the serfs to work.
  • Then he rewarded the gardener with ten more pieces for his honesty.
  • The reciprocal adaptations of insects and flowers demand attentive observation on the part of the gardener concerned with the growing of grapes, cucumbers, melons and strawberries, or with the raising of new and improved varieties of plants.
  • One tree occupies the whole time of a gardener for about ten days.
  • The various amounts of these needed in different cases have to be adjusted by the gardener, according to the nature of the plant, its " habit" or general mode of growth in its native country, and the influence to which it is there subjected, as also in accordance with the purposes for which it is to be cultivated, &c. It is but rarely that direct information on all these points can be obtained; but inference from previous experience, especially with regard to allied forms, will go far to supply such deficiencies.