Sentence Examples

  • Whitlavia - W. grandiflora is a beautiful herb about a foot high, allied to the Nemophila, with an abundance of showy bell-shaped blossoms of a rich deep blue.
  • In favourable situations and seasons some of the very hardiest, as Silene pendula, Saponaria, Nemophila, Gilia, &c., may be sown in September or October, and transplanted to the beds or borders for very early spring flowering.
  • Nemophila insignis: hardy, 6 in., azure blue, with white centre.
  • Nemophila maculata: hardy, 6 in., white, with violet spots at the edge.
  • Sow half-hardy annuals, as Nemophila, Collinsia, Schizanthus, Rhodanthe, &c., to flower during winter.

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