Sentence Examples

  • Hence the density v is given by 47rabc (x2/a4+y2/b4-I-z2/c4), and the potential at the centre of the ellipsoid, and therefore its potential as a whole is given by the expression, adS Q dS V f r 47rabc r' (x2/a4-I-y2/b4+z2/c4) Accordingly the capacity C of the ellipsoid is given by the equation 1 I J dS C 47rabc Y (x 2 +y 2 + z2) V (x2/a4+y2/b4+z2/c4) (5) It has been shown by Professor Chrystal that the above integral may also be presented in the form,' foo C 2 J o J { (a2 + X) (b +X) (c 2 + X) } (6).
  • Kriizli Pass (Amsteg to Sedrun), foot path Foo or Ramin Pass (Elm to Weisstannen), bridle path Oberalp Pass (Andermatt to Disentis), carriage road Klausen Pass (Altdorf to Linththal), carriage road .
  • 5,428 463,486 535,687 555,256 foo-4