Sentence Examples

  • Thus it has a real centre, two foci, two directrices and two vertices; the transverse axis, joining the vertices, corresponds to the major axis of the ellipse, and the line through the centre and perpendicular to this axis is called the conjugate axis, and corresponds to the minor axis of the ellipse; about these axes the curve is symmetrical.
  • Calling the foci S, S', the real vertices A, A', the extremities of the conjugate axis B, B' and the centre C, the positions of B, B' are given by AB = AB' = CS.
  • Also the auxiliarly circle is the locus of the feet of the perpendiculars from the foci on any tangent.
  • Students must complete a set of core courses from each of their chosen foci and undertake a capstone project integrating the two disciplines.
  • Broadly, values diminished concentrically with distance from the two major commercial foci of the metropolis.

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