Sentence Examples

  • Canadian honey for colour, flavour and substance is unsurpassed.
  • Though they themselves trace their origin to seven Mahommedan tribes, Hindus appear to have been associated with them at an early period; at any rate, their religious creed and practices as stanch worshippers of Kali (Devi, Durga), the Hindu goddess of destruction, had certainly no flavour of Islam in them.
  • Generally, as media through, which to make known their opinions, there being a flavour of mysticism or occultism promotive of inquiry and suggestive of hidden meanings discernible or discoverable only by adepts.
  • It was famous in ancient times for its bees, which gathered honey of peculiar flavour from its aromatic herbs; their fame still persists.
  • In short, there is the greatest difficulty in freeing milk on a large scale from germs without at the same time seriously prejudicing its flavour and nutritive value.

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