Sentence Examples

  • Five equilateral triangles covertically placed would stand on a pentagonal base, and it was found that, by forming several sets of such pyramids, a solid could be obtained which had zo triangular faces, which met in pairs to form 30 edges, and in fives to form 12 vertices.
  • It has 12 pentagonal faces, and 30 edges, which intersect in fives to form 12 vertices.
  • Finger-counting is of course natural to children, and leads to grouping into fives, and ultimately to an understanding of the denary system of notation.
  • The flowers are hermaphrodite and regular with parts in fives (pentamerous) throughout, though exceptions from the pentamerous arrangement occur.
  • Ten is two fives, 15 three fives, 20 is a "man" (ten fingers and ten toes), 100 is "five men," and so on.

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