Sentence Examples

  • They like their iPods, their laptops, their cars, their tennis shoes, and so on.
  • At a later period when he had grown fat he accounted for his skill in taking "cut balls" at tennis by saying that he was a very "painstaking man."
  • A simple choker adorned her neck, a diamond tennis bracelet her wrist and she wore silver strappy heels he thought he had seen on Sarah.
  • Francis showed an even greater love for violent exercises, such as hunting, which was his ruling passion, and tennis, and for tournaments, masquerades and amusements of all kinds.
  • The success of his sketch for the picture of the "Oath of the Tennis Court," and his pronounced republicanism, secured David's election to the Convention in September 1792, by the Section du Museum, and he quickly distinguished himself by the defence of two French artists in Rome who had fallen into the merciless hands of the Inquisition.