Sentence Examples

  • Gratacap, a New York City volunteer fireman and luggage designer, is responsible for the helmets' durability and ability to resist rotting thanks to the treatment he had learned to use on leather luggage that was used on the ocean.
  • It was in the early 1800's, however, when a volunteer fireman in New York City named Henry Gratacap created one of the most enduring designs for personal protective equipment ever created: the "eight comb" fire helmet.
  • A firefighter wedding, for example, would coordinate well with a fireman carrying a bride topper, while a casual western wedding would look best with a western wedding cake topper such as a cowboy and his bride.
  • If the grad was once a fireman for Halloween or always loved playing teacher and you've got pictures documenting this, make sure to put them up.
  • He made his debut as the village's handsome fireman, and drew instant admiration from several of the local Hollyoaks ladies.