Sentence Examples

  • Prior to his literary career, he was probably best known for his involvement with the actor Henry Irving, who was then the equivalent of a 'superstar' - Stoker was Irving's business manager and travelled with him on his world tours.
  • Regardless of if you are a fan of the new sensations Twilight or True Blood; a fan of vampire literature from Ann Rice or Bram Stoker; or even if you are a history buff there is a form of vampire art for you.
  • Bats still hold a powerful place in vampire lore, although Ann Rice has done a lot to dispel the notion that fashionable vampires morph into these "children of the night" as Bram Stoker once called them.
  • Nosferatu was released in 1922; the estate of Bram Stoker in the person of his widow sued to have names and locations changed in this movie, but it is otherwise a fairly faithful retelling of his story.
  • Murnau and company made very little alteration in the actual Stoker story, outside of changing the names of the main characters, and the Stoker estate successfully sued the company and won.