Sentence Examples

  • Knowledge, therefore, with its vehicle, the intellect, is dependent upon the existence of certain nerve-organs located in an animal system; and its function is originally only to present an image of the interconnexions of the manifestations external to the individual organism, and so to give to the individual in a partial and reflected form that feeling with other things, or innate sympathy, which it loses as organization becomes more complex and characteristic. Knowledge or intellect, therefore, is only the surrogate of that more intimate unity of feeling or will which is the underlying reality - the principle of all existence, the essence of all manifestations, inorganic and organic. And the perfection of reason is attained when man has transcended those limits of individuation in which his knowledge at first presents him to himself, when by art he has risen from single objects to universal types, and by suffering and sacrifice has penetrated to that innermost sanctuary where the euthanasia of consciousness is reached - the blessedness of eternal repose.
  • Advocates of " mercy killing, insist that many doctors practice euthanasia without declaring it.
  • A prominent euthanasia campaigner in Australia has announced plans to provide euthanasia campaigner in Australia has announced plans to provide euthanasia on a floating clinic moored in international waters.
  • A hospice which opposes euthanasia advertises for a medical director.
  • Are these acts or omissions; are these cases of passive euthanasia or active euthanasia?

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