Sentence Examples

  • It is a region of quiescence or of faulting, but not of folding.
  • There are, it is true, mountain ranges which are formed of folded beds; but in many cases the direction of the chains is different from that of the folds, so that the ranges must owe their elevation to other causes; and the folds, moreover, are of ancient date, for the most part Archaean or Palaeozoic. The configuration of the region is largely due to faulting, trough-like or tray-like depressions being formed, and the intervening strips, which have not been depressed, standing up as mountain ridges.
  • The faulting which formed the depressions is certainly later than the deposition of the Cretaceous beds and probably belongs to the later portion of the Tertiary era.
  • Faulting, however, is by no means absent, and some of the faults are of considerable magnitude.
  • They appear to be associated with faulting upon the inner margin of the chain.

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