Sentence Examples

  • Its steep fault scarp faces west, and rises from 4000 to 6000 ft.
  • Einseitige Schollengebirge oder Schollenrandgebirge- Scarp or tilted block mountains.
  • The scarp or steeply inclined slope; this is necessarily of small extent except in the direction of its length.
  • Such broken material rolling down a uniform scarp would tend to reduce its steepness by the loss of material in the upper part and by the accumulation of a mound or scree against the loti ii er part of the slope.
  • But where the side is not a uniform scarp, but made up of a series of ridges and valleys, the tendency will be to distribute the detritus in an irregular manner, directing it away from one place and collecting it in great masses in another, so that in time the land form assumes a new appearance.