Sentence Examples

  • To hear that a celebrity is not cashing in on their kid's baby pictures to fatten their bank accounts is a little refreshing.
  • This is because there was worry that some owners would try to fatten up their pets in order to try to win the title.
  • Lip plumper products are relatively new and work in a variety of ways to fatten up those kissers.
  • Its highly nutritious leaves and stems are usually consumed by folding the sheep upon it where it grows, there is no green food upon which they fatten faster.
  • Ten years before, John Worlidge, one of his correspondents, and the author of the Systema Agriculturae (1669), observes, " Sheep fatten very well on turnips, which prove an excellent nourishment for them in hard winters when fodder is scarce; for they will not only eat the greens, but feed on the roots in the ground, and scoop them hollow even to the very skin.