Sentence Examples

  • He's fanatical about all of Quinn's equipment too.
  • Difficulty arose between the governor of Bahia and this fanatical missionary, with the result that Conselheiro was ordered to leave the settlement and take away his people.
  • On several occasions he defended the cause of moderation and justice against the fanatical crusaders, but he never had the energy to make it prevail.
  • SchOnerer and the German Radicals - the fanatical German party who in their new programme advocated union of German Austria with the German empire - now numbered twenty-one, who chiefly came from Bohemia.
  • The town being besieged by Francis of Waldeck, its expelled bishop (April 1534), Matthiesen, who was first in command, made a sally with only thirty followers, under the fanatical idea that he was a second Gideon, and was cut off with his entire band.