Sentence Examples

  • The hero Cuchulinn has returned from the land of the fairies after having been enticed thither by a fairywoman named Fand, whom he is now unable to forget.
  • Of all the minor creatures of mythology the fairies are the most beautiful, the most numerous, the most memorable in literature.
  • Yes, she would come by the station with the names of all Arthur's known friends, all the little fairies, as she called them, and the addresses of his favorite haunts.
  • The late Charlemagne romances originated the legends, in English form, of Sowdone of Babylone, Sir Otnel, Sir Fieumbras and Huon of Bordeaux (in which Oberon, the king of the fairies, the son of Julius Caesar and Morgan the Fay, was first made known to England).
  • FAIRY RING, the popular name for the circular patches of a dark green colour that are to be seen occasionally on permanent grass-land, either lawn or meadow, on which the fairies were supposed to hold their midnight revels.