Sentence Examples

  • This opening and closing of the stomata must be looked upon as having a direct bearing only on the emission of watery ~vapour.
  • On the 3rd of February 1793 he had decreed the emission of Boo millions of assignats, for the expenses of the war.
  • The eggs, which are 16 in number, are deposited in a leathery capsule fixed by a gum-like substance to the abdomen of the female, and thus carried about till the young are ready to escape, when the capsule becomes softened by the emission of a fluid substance.
  • On the other hand, the theory encounters a very serious difficulty in the fact that all molecules possess a great number of possibilities of internal motion, as is shown by the number of distinct lines in their spectra both of emission and of absorption.
  • But there is always leakage of energy either through friction or through wave-emission, so that the vibration only increases up to the point at which the leakage of energy balances the energy put in by the applied force.

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