Sentence Examples

  • She finally reached the bottom of the embankment and fell headlong into a bunch of blackberry bushes.
  • A bridge and an embankment connect it with Caprera.
  • Bordeaux led his horse down the embankment and Cassie hesitantly followed.
  • In consequence of the disastrous flood of 1882, important embankment works were executed along the Adige at a cost of £300,000.
  • Not less remarkable was the palace of Tezcuco, surrounded with its groves and pleasure-gardens; and, though now hardly anything remains of the buildings above ground, the neighbouring hill of Tezcotzinco still has its stone steps and terraces; and the immense embankment carrying the aqueduct-channel of hewn stone which supplied water to basins cut in the solid rock still remains to prove that the chroniclers' descriptions, if highly coloured, were at any rate genuine.

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