Sentence Examples

  • Moreover, Professor Lloyd Morgan found that young birds that had tasted and rejected workers of the hive bee as unpalatable subsequently refused to taste not only drones, which have no sting, but also drone-flies.
  • 6, C) of laying eggs - necessarily unfertilized - which always give rise to males ("drones"), and, since the researches of J.
  • Drones (or male bees) are more or less numerous in hives according to the skill of the bee-keeper in limiting their production.
  • As the drones increase in number queen-cells are formed, unless steps be taken to turn aside the swarming impulse by affording additional room beforehand in the hive.
  • The military The return rule of the marquis de Sgur eliminated the plebeians of feud.2!from the army; while the great lords, drones in the Isin tothe hive, worked with a kind of fever at the enforcement offensive.