Sentence Examples

  • He wanted to let his hand drift downwards but stopped himself.
  • On the other hand, from Withraed's and Alfred's laws downwards, the element of enactment by central authority becomes more and more prominent.
  • If the blowing iron is held vertically with the bulb uppermost the bulb becomes flattened and shallow, if the bulb is allowed to hang downwards it becomes elongated and reduced in diameter, and if the end of the bulb is pierced and the iron is held horizontally and sharply trundled, as a mop is trundled, the bulb opens out into a flattened disk.
  • The mass of glass, yielding, to its own weight and the pressure of air or steam, sinks downwards and adapts itself to any mould or receptacle beneath it.
  • Returning to Egypt we find that the loin-cloth developed downwards into a skirt falling below the knees.

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