Sentence Examples

  • He wanted to let his hand drift downwards but stopped himself.
  • South of the magnetic equator the south end of the needle is always inclined downwards, and there is a spot within the Antarctic Circle (148° E.
  • Other side - tending downwards from the scorpion towards the Acari - are the Pedipalpi, the spiders, the book-scorpions, the harvest-men and the water-mites.
  • - The plane of the articulation of the appendages of the 1st pair to the prosoma horizontal, the basal segment projecting ver tically downwards, at least at its proximal end, the distal segment II III IV V VI? ?.I?!1?1UII!119N; / I II III IV V VI 2 3 4 II FIG.
  • 7), and subsequently among the Manichaeans, and is frequently quoted from Origen downwards (Horn.

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