Sentence Examples

  • He discards, as it were, and takes in from the stock while professing to play from what he has originally in his hand.
  • Swedenborg discards a physical resurrection, as at death the eyes of men are opened to the spiritual world in which we exist now, and they continue to live essentially as they lived here, until by their affinities they are drawn to heaven or hell.
  • From these results we see that Shaftesbury, opposed to Hobbes and Locke, is in close agreement with Hutcheson, and that he is ultimately a deeply religious thinker, inasmuch as he discards the moral sanction of public opinion, the terrors of future punishment, the authority' of the civil authority, as the main incentives to goodness, and substitutes the voice of conscience and the love of God.
  • In this endeavour Lotze discards as useless and untenable many favourite conceptions of the school, many crude notions of everyday life.
  • He uses women then discards them.

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