Sentence Examples

  • The plate was yellow with black number; two digits, a space, and three digits.
  • Divided decimally in 100ths; but usually marked in Egypt into 7 palms of 28 digits, approximately; a mere juxtaposition.
  • 341) are of 1/2 20.89, or a span of 10.44, which is divided in 16 digits of .653, a fraction of the cubit also found in Egypt.
  • Fixed by the Romans at 16 digits (13+1/3 = Roman foot), or its cubit at 1+4/5 Roman feet, it was legally = 13.94 at 123 B.C. (42); and 7+1/2 Philetaerean stadia were = Roman mile (18).
  • This has been so usually confounded with the 20.63 family, owing to the juxtaposition of 28 digits with that cubit in Egypt, that it should be observed how the difficulty of their incommensurability has been felt.

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