Sentence Examples

  • In the case where either the leading or trailing group of small wheels is absent the numeral o must be used in the series of three numbers used in the description.
  • Compounds are in like manner represented by writing the symbols of their constituent elements side by side, and if more than one atom of each element be present, the number is indicated by a numeral placed on the right of the symbol of the element either below or above the line.
  • The Arabians more closely resembled the Hindus than the Greeks in the choice of studies; their philosophers blended speculative dissertations with the more progressive study of medicine; their mathematicians neglected the subtleties of the conic sections and Diophantine analysis, and applied themselves more particularly to perfect the system of numerals (see Numeral), arithmetic and astronomy.
  • The history of V as the Latin numeral for 5 is uncertain.
  • As a numeral C denotes 100.

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