Sentence Examples

  • His treatise on numerical divisions, weights and measures (Distributio) is extant, with the exception of the concluding portion.
  • The Church of England claims as adherents 39% of the population, and the Roman Catholic Church 22%; next in numerical strength are the Wesleyans and other Methodists, numbering 12% i the various branches of the Presbyterians 11%, Congregationalists 2%, and Baptists 2%.
  • In 1905 the value of the wool export regained the £20,000,000 level, and with the rapid recovery of the numerical II.
  • It is a fundamental result in dynamics that, if a body be projected vertically upwards in vacuo, with a velocity of v centimetres per second, it will rise to a height of v 2 /2g centimetres, where g represents the numerical value of the acceleration produced by gravity in centimetre-second units.
  • If the two circuits are in tune so that the numerical product of capacity and inductance of each circuit is the same or C L, = C L +CL and if k is the coefficient of coupling then the natural frequency of each circuit is n = I /2w / (CL), and when coupled two oscillations are set up in the secondary circuit having frequencies n and n2 such that n = n0/ (i - k) and n = nh,/ (I +k).

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