Sentence Examples

  • Further, the numerator factor establishes that these are not all algebraically independent,, but are connected by a syzygy of degree order 6, 6.
  • 1 A2B' Where The Denominator Factors Indicate The Forms Themselves, Their Jacobian, The Invariant Of The Quadratic And Their Resultant; Connected, As Shown By The Numerator, By A Syzygy Of Degreesorder (2, 2; 2).
  • The frequency ratios in the diatonic scale are all expressible either as fractions, with i, 2, 3 or 5 as numerator and denominator, or as products of such fractions; and it may be shown that for a given note the numerator and denominator are smaller than any other numbers which would give us a note in the immediate neighbourhood.
  • We Have Then (26 1 30 (N 6)) R But The Numerator 3 Of This Fraction Becomes By Reduction I I N 40 Or 1 I N To (The 30 Being Rejected, As The Remainder Only Is Sought) =N Io(N I); Therefore, Ultimately, Must Be Deducted From J.
  • If this arrangement is expressed by a fraction, the numerator of which indicates the number of turns, and the denominator the number of internodes in the spiral cycle, the fraction will be found to represent the angle of divergence of the consecutive leaves on the axis.

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