Sentence Examples

  • Must have a least value, which is moreover positive, since the numerator and denominator are both essentially positive.
  • A simple fraction with ioo for denominator, can be expressed by writing the two figures of the numerator (or, if there is only one figure, this figure preceded by o) with a dot or " point " before them; thus 76 means 76%, or 17 -6 6 o.
  • In the case of fractions of the more general kind, the numerator was written first with ', and then the denominator, followed by ", was written twice.
  • A fractional number is called a proper fraction or an improper fraction according as the numerator is or is not 3 less than the denominator; and an expression 4 such as 24 is called a mixed number.
  • By means of the present and the preceding sections the rule given in § 63 can be extended to the statement that a fractional number is equal to the number obtained by multiplying its numerator and its denominator by any fractional number.