Sentence Examples

  • Making the substitution in any symbolic product the only determinant factors that present themselves in the numerator are of the form (af), (bf), (cf),...and every symbol a finally appears in the form.
  • Further, the numerator factor establishes that these are not all algebraically independent,, but are connected by a syzygy of degree order 6, 6.
  • 1 A2B' Where The Denominator Factors Indicate The Forms Themselves, Their Jacobian, The Invariant Of The Quadratic And Their Resultant; Connected, As Shown By The Numerator, By A Syzygy Of Degreesorder (2, 2; 2).
  • In such cases a bracketed fraction is appended to the specific gravity, of which the numerator and denominator are respectively the temperatures of the substance and of the standard; thus 1.093 (0 0 14°) means that the ratio of the weight of a definite volume of a substance at o to the weight of the same volume of water 4° is I 093.
  • The frequency ratios in the diatonic scale are all expressible either as fractions, with i, 2, 3 or 5 as numerator and denominator, or as products of such fractions; and it may be shown that for a given note the numerator and denominator are smaller than any other numbers which would give us a note in the immediate neighbourhood.

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