Sentence Examples

  • These were due to an enormous amount of exceedingly fine dust blown to a great height by that terrific explosion, and then universally diffused by the high atmospheric currents.
  • It was named Sao Paulo, and has been at once the source whence knowledge and civilization have been diffused through Brazil, and the nucleus of a colony of its manliest and hardiest citizens, which sent out successive swarms of hardy adventurers to people the interior.
  • Education is more widely diffused, but is less thorough, less leisurely in its method, derived less than before from the purer sources of culture.
  • The later phase, which follows on the destruction of the Cnossian palace, and corresponds with the diffused Mycenaean style of mainland Greece and elsewhere, is already partly decadent.
  • Eye-spots are general and the nervous system maintains a primitive diffused condition.