Sentence Examples

  • In the 15th century power was at last concentrated in the Baglioni family, who, though they had no legal position, defied all other authority.
  • They fortified their houses, retained their military habits, defied the consuls, and carried on feuds in the streets and squares.
  • It then became a formidable nest of pirates and a great slave mart; it defied all the efforts of the Byzantine sovereigns to recover it till the year 960, when it was reconquered by Nicephorus Phocas.
  • When the Mogul Empire absorbed the Bijapur kingdom he defied the emperor.
  • The Tea Act of 1773 was defied by the emptying into the harbour of three cargoes of tea on the 16th of December 1773, by a party of citizens disguised as Indians, after the people in town-meeting had exhausted every effort, through a period of weeks, to procure the return of the tea-ships to England.

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