Sentence Examples

  • In 1 774 the governor of Virginia, Lord Dunmore, himself led a force over the mountains, and a body of militia under General Andrew Lewis dealt the Shawnee Indians under Cornstalk a crushing blow at Point Pleasant at the junction of the Kanawha and the Ohio rivers, but Indian attacks continued until after the War of Independence.
  •   Death didn't come.  Darkness fell, and Rhyn waited.  He paced and stretched, imagining there would be some kind of a struggle.  At long last, he forced himself to admit she wasn't coming.  No one could've overlooked the blow he dealt her underworld.  The trees all around them had died off with a tear forming in the earth that led in the direction of the palace.
  • Taxation laws must deal with only one subject of taxation; but customs and excise duties may, respectively, be dealt with together.
  • Other provisions, the object of which had been to restrain John from demanding more money from various classes of his subjects, were also deleted, and the same fate befell such chapters as dealt with mere temporary matters.
  • He'd dealt with Darkyn a few times since the demon lord was released from his exile in the pits of Hell.

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