100+ Inspiring Narrative Essay Topics

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Updated June 24, 2020
Teenager writing narrative essay
    Teenager writing narrative essay
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You can find great narrative essay topics by exploring major events in your own life that were inspiring or by reading uplifting narrative essay examples. Use these narrative essay topics to start your paper or inspire an original topic.

Encouraging Personal Narrative Essay Topics

Writing a personal narrative starts with a good personal narrative topic. Remember, this type of essay should be about a personal experience that inspired you or might inspire others.

  • Overcoming a disability
  • A health scare that changed your life
  • A time when you helped someone
  • Someone who changed your life and doesn’t know it
  • A time your opinion was changed
  • Something you dreamed of as a child that came to fruition
  • Overcoming a publicly embarrassing moment
  • How social media helped you
  • How you dealt with a state of emergency
  • A time when you realized someone looked up to you
  • A random act of kindness that moved you
  • Your part in a pay it forward chain
  • One moment that made you a better person
  • Checking something off your bucket list
  • An accomplishment you never believed was possible
  • A lesson you learned from nature
  • A book that changed your outlook on life
  • A song lyric that uplifts you
  • A moment of spontaneity that brought great joy
  • Someone who helped you set a goal
  • The moment you realized you were beautiful
  • Something a child said to you that put life in perspective
  • A news story that made you take action
  • Following your instincts
  • An employer that really supports employees
  • A job that changed your opinion about something
  • A moment that taught you the value of money
  • A movie that mirrors your life
  • How VR changed your perspective of the world

Refreshing Narrative Essay Topics for Middle School

Middle school is a great time of self-discovery that’s filled with firsts and memorable moments. Use these milestones as the topic for your narrative essay.

  • Making an unlikely friend
  • How bad relationships help you become a better person
  • The first time you opened your locker
  • The teacher that makes you feel smart
  • Moving from elementary school to middle school
  • A social media post that inspired you
  • A news story about a kid/teen that was uplifting
  • A comment from a teacher that made you feel good
  • A comment from someone you’re not friends with that made you feel good
  • Being yourself
  • A class you look forward to
  • Your parents supporting you and giving you some independence
  • Your first cell phone
  • A family vacation
  • A special photo of friends
  • Your bedroom as a safe haven
  • Something that always calms you down
  • A class presentation that went well
  • Something that makes you special or unique
  • A time when you didn’t let peer pressure get to you
  • A time when you lost a friend, then got them back
  • The village that helped raise you
  • How you make a difference in the world
  • What your pet has taught you about love

Moving Narrative Essay Topics for High School

High school narrative essay topics include the classic moments that are stereotypical of the secondary school experience.

  • Special homecoming court moment
  • A friendship that started long before high school
  • Prom dress shopping and your self-esteem
  • Anticipation for graduation
  • An award or scholarship you received
  • Participating in a school musical
  • A class or club trip
  • Your first love
  • A moment you stood up for what you believed in
  • How your relationship with your parents changed for the better
  • Showing school pride
  • Something you thought would be hard, but turned out to be easy
  • Taking a stand against social norms
  • Expressing your personality through fashion
  • A YA novel that captures your feelings exactly
  • Removing a toxic person from your life
  • Your most inspiring social media post
  • Songs that get you pumped up
  • A celebrity who impacted your life in a good way
  • Overcoming a sports injury
  • The power of true teamwork
  • An optimistic moment
  • A time you felt totally prepared for something scary
  • Something you built on your own
  • A life skill you’ve mastered
  • Learning to drive

Uplifting Narrative Essay Topics for College

College is another time in your life that’s wrought with self-discovery and seeing the world as it truly is.

  • Why you chose to go to college
  • How you chose your major
  • The impact of joining a team or club
  • A fellow student you see thriving against the odds
  • Examples of community on campus
  • A test experience that boosted your self-esteem
  • The moment you realized you were going into the right field
  • What a college degree means to you
  • College as a microcosm of the world
  • The feeling of independence
  • Keeping in touch with family
  • The role of old friends in your new life
  • Dating as a way of finding yourself and growing as a person
  • Receiving good news
  • Overcoming professional rejection
  • Something you brought from home that keeps you sane
  • The role of “home” in your life
  • A time when you received great professional feedback
  • Your biggest cheerleader
  • Your mentor
  • A TV character who broke the mold
  • A moving internship experience

Share Your Story

Whether you use narrative writing prompts or not, a narrative essay should always be a moment where you share your story. More often than not, your story is relatable to others. To craft the best narrative essay, choose a topic that’s meaningful to you.