Sentence Examples

  • Tab Crawler: The selection isn't huge, but you'll find a fair number of video game tabs here, most of which are from classic games like Doom, Final Fantasy 7, and the Legend of Zelda.
  • Don't try to fool the search engine crawler by attempting to deliver it HTML content that's different than the image or display that your visitors actually see.
  • It wasn't until 1990 that Alan Emtage of McGill University created "ARCHIVES" (or "Archie" as it became known) which used an early version of a web crawler.
  • The obvious difference is when the average Joe gets picked up for drunk driving, his mug shot isn't plastered all over TMZ and announced on the CNN crawler.
  • You can get your website quickly noticed by the Yahoo crawler, and identified as a high quality, valuable website if you follow the following guidelines.