Sentence Examples

  • Thirdly we have the limiting cases of this in the inductive syllogism 5ui 7riu'mw, 7 a syllogism in the third figure concluding universally, and yet valid because the copula expresses equivalence, and in analogy 8 in which, it has been well said, instances are weighed and not counted.
  • Thus, the courts recognize marriages by verba de praesenti or by verba de futuro cum copula - in this last matter following a decree of Gregory IX.
  • The meaning of the copula and the relation of thoughts to the objects of which they are the thoughts are as much involved as the nature of being.
  • Subject, predicate and copula.'
  • In point of fact, he analysed it into premises, but then analysed a premise into terms, which he divided into subject and predicate, with the addition of the copula " is " or " is not."

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