Sentence Examples

  • CH(NH 2) � Cooh, arginin or guanidine-a-amino-n-valerianic acid, (NH)(NH2)C�NH� (CH 2) 3 �CH(NH 2)�Cooh, ornithin or aa-diamino valerianic acid, � (CH 2) 3 � CH(NH 2) � Coon, -(3-imidazol propionic acid, [[Hooc� Ch(Nh 2) �Ch 2 � C: Ch�N:Ch�Nh]], proline or a-pyrrolidin carboxylic acid, [[Hooc� Ch.
  • (with a few interpolations), On Airs, Waters, and Places, On Injuries of the Head (" insigne fragmentum libri Hippocratei "), the former portion of the treatise On Regimen in Acute Diseases, and the " obviously Hippocratic " fragments of the Coon Prognostics.
  • CO Coon Co It may be prepared in a similar manner by heating phthalyl chloride with benzene in the presence of aluminium chloride.
  • CH2([[Coon)2+Ch3cho-->Ch3 Ch:C(000h)2->Ch3 Ch:Ch 000h]]; or by heating pyruvic acid with an excess of acetic anhydride and sodium acetate to 160-180° C. (B.
  • He enjoyed the snow and the rain, coping well with his Maine coon type coat.

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