Sentence Examples

  • Civil Death is an expression used, in law, in contradistinction to natural death.
  • The temper of William, in contradistinction to that of his brother, was pre-eminently practical; and he had the reputation of a brave, piously orthodox Prussian soldier.
  • KOSHER, or Kasher (Hebrew clean, right, or fit), the Jewish term for any food or vessels for food made ritually fit for use, in contradistinction to those pascal, unfit, and terefah, forbidden.
  • Forma), in general, the external shape, appearance, configuration of an object, in contradistinction to the matter of which it is composed; thus a speech may contain excellent arguments, - the matter may be good, while the style, grammar, arrangement, - the form - is bad.
  • Rubber is known as " Plantation " rubber in contradistinction to the " wild " rubber.

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