Sentence Examples

  • Royer-Collard taught him that even sensation is subject to certain internal laws and principles which it does not itself explain, which are superior to analysis and the natural patrimony of the mind.
  • In1815-1816Cousin attained the position of sup pleant (assistant) to Royer-Collard in the history of modern philosophy chair of the faculty of letters.
  • He at first adopted the views of the party known as doctrinaire, of which Royer-Collard was the philo- tr ° sophical chief.
  • Royer-Collard himself, Laine, and Maine de Biran had sat in the revolutionary Assemblies.
  • Of these the earliest were Pierre Paul Royer-Collard, who was mainly a follower of Thomas Reid, and Maine de Biran; but the name is still more appropriately given to the school of which the most distinguished members are Victor Cousin, Theodore Jouffroy, J.