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  • Discussing the theory of capillary attractions, Young' found that at a rough estimate " the extent of the cohesive force must be limited to about the 250-millionth of an inch " (=10 8 cms.), and then argues that " within similar limits of uncertainty we may obtain something like a conjectural estimate of the mutual distance of the particles of vapours, and even of the actual magnitude of the elementary atoms of liquids..
  • The disciples of Newton maintained that in the fact of the mutual gravitation of the heavenly bodies, according to Newton's law, they had a complete quantitative account of their motions; and they endeavoured to follow out the path which Newton had opened up by investigating and measuring the attractions and repulsions of electrified and magnetic bodies, and the cohesive forces in the interior of bodies, without attempting to account for these forces.
  • That when sodium is heated in a hard glass tube, the vapour which is formed is extraordinarily cohesive, only slowly spreading out in a cloud with well-defined borders, which can be rendered visible by placing the tube in front of a sodium flame, against which the cloud appears black.
  • 4,(z) =0 from z = a to z=co, Equations (37) now give 2 it " ira4 Ko = - z i dz = 6, 3 0 _ 7r fa 4 sra5 T o 8 fo zdz=40 The numerical results differ from those of Young, who finds that " the contractile force is one-third of the whole cohesive force of a stratum of particles, equal in thickness to the interval to which the primitive equable cohesion extends," viz.
  • Don't get me wrong, we've got 13 songs here that form a very cohesive whole.

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