Sentence Examples

  • He, along with Harvard classmate Greg Daniels (now executive producer for King of the Hill and The Office), wrote for a show called Wilton North Report, but it only lasted four weeks.
  • Shortly after filing for divorce, Linda began a very public relationship with a 19 year old who was a former high school classmate of her children and it emerged that Hulk had cheated on Linda with a friend of Brooke's.
  • Britney Spears and Jason Alexander - We know that Britney and Justin splitting has a bigger celeb factor, but ill-advised Vegas wedding to a former classmate angle just makes this story more fun.
  • Short-term goals may include reading 100 pages per week, finding sources for an end-of-the-semester project, or contacting a classmate to obtain copies of notes from a class you missed.
  • George Michael began his singing career with a band called The Executive, but it wasn't until he teamed up with classmate Andrew Ridgeley to form the duo WHAM! that he found success.